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Drop in, collect weapons, blow stuff up. Spacebumfuzzle is a top-down space shooter where you equip your ship, find & conquer pirates and foreign invaders from across the galaxy in a kerfuffle of great magnitude.

With 3 different classes, 6 playable ships (more to come), 13 weapons (more to come) and a bunch of special abilities to be selected or acquired, each time you play the the playstyle will be different.

Select a missile specialist then purchase a Hornet ship, and you'll find yourself careening about like a giant cannon blowing enemies up before they even get close. Or select a close-quarter specialist and electrocute enemies as you fly together in an intimate dance of death, before releasing an explosing wave of fire that begins to melt their armour, tearing slags of their off with each hammer of your cannons. Or select berserker and turn your ship into the weapon with the ram ability, and leech the power of their shields as your ship tears through theirs. You choose how to play.

Through your fight you'll encounter many types of enemies, villains with special powers, explosive cannisters scattered through space left over from previous battles, space stations to dock at, civilians to protect, and pirate outposts to be pillaged.

This game is is still in early development! The base game & tutorial are implemented and ready and working and stable, and I'm now focused on implementing the story. While I'm building this out, the game as it stands will be available for the fun of flying around and and blowing up bad dudes.

Interested in contributing ideas? Get involved by hopping on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/PNDqn3U


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Version 32 Jul 10, 2019

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